NABLA Dreamy 2 Eye Shadow Palette





NABLA Dreamy 2 Eye Shadow Palette

Garantiert 100% original! 


Born from a dream and arcane mysteries, Dreamy 2 leads to mystic and secret worlds, full of hidden messages. A timeless talisman to celebrate the cult of beauty.

Planets, galaxies and crystals full of holographic reflects decorate this precious, compact and elegant palette.

On the inside, 12 brand new shades in 5 different finishes create endless combinations. The formulas are ultra pigmented, creamy, rich and extremely performing: Matte, Super Matte, Latex Matte, Metal Foil and the brand new Super Sparkle, an explosion of glitter with an adherent texture.

A dream of mystic beauty, where everything has a meaning.

The 12 shades:
Pantheon: Ivory. Matte.
Rem: Indigo purple with sparkles. Super sparkle.
New Past: Cherry wood. Super matte.
Oniric: Antique bronze with gold reflects. Metal foil.
Libertine: Cool gold with sparkles. Super sparkle.
Lucid Dream: Wet effect top coat with gold and lime reflects. Metal foil.
Amarcord: Dusty rosy-peach with pink and bronze sparkles. Metal foil.
Mirabilia: Amethyst with duochrome aqua and magenta reflects. Metal foil.
Dionysus: Mid-tone bordeaux. Latex matte.
Déjà-vu: Biscuit beige. Matte.
Hidden Place: Deep smoke base with trichrome peach, magenta and olive reflects. Metal foil.
Offline: Deep plum. Latex matte.

• Cruelty Free & Vegan.
• External dimensions: 13,5 cm x 11 cm x 1,5 cm.
• Wide high quality mirror.
• Magnetic closure.


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