Kitsch Derma Facial Roller Beauty Bundle





Kitsch Beauty Bundle 

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A bedtime beauty bundle. The secrets to a great beauty sleep are all in the bedtime prep! Luckily; Kitsch’s Beauty Bundle has everything you need to nail your nighttime routine. Featuring five boujee sleep scrunchies to keep your hair tied back without crimping; frizzing; or breaking the strands; a super soft; satin pillowcase to protect the hair and skin while you sleep – bye bye pillow lines and friction marks! Plus; a prolevel Micro Derma Facial Roller featuring hundreds of tiny 0.25mm stainless steel needles that roll over the skin helping to promote new skin cell regeneration; encourage collagen production and reduce the appearance of fine lines; pores; and hyperpigmentation. No more counting sheep!

Set Includes:

Satin Sleep Scrunchies in Blush x5 Micro Derma Facial Roller in Pink A microneedle roller One Satin Pillowcase in Blush 26 inches x 20 inches.


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