Daiso Japanese Made – Lotioned Compressed Mask Sheet


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New! Daiso Japanese Made – Lotioned Compressed Mask Sheet (Price Per 1 Sheet)

Garantiert 100% original and Made in Japan!


About Lotioned Compressed Mask:

They are little-knitted cotton sheets that are compressed with lotion into a tablet form. Made of 100% cotton or viscose, non-toxic and without alcohol.


20mm x 20mm. Very small and convenient to carry around especially for travel.

How To:

1. Take a tablet and soak it into any type of liquid that you want to nourish your skin with. For example we love using honey with milk, green tea, cucumber juice, oatmeal with milk and much more you can do! It takes about 10 seconds for the face mask to absorb the liquid then it will open up or expand and turn into a face sheet.

2. Carefully place the mask on your freshly cleansed face and relax for 10-15 minutes.

3. Remove the face mask and pat any residue onto your skin until it absorbs.

4. Rise if needed.


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