Viseart Dark Edit Pro Shadow Palette





Viseart Dark Edit Pro Shadow Palette

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Enjoy the bold color payoff and seamless application of Viseart’s signature eye shadows wherever you go. The EDIT Palette is a travel-friendly version of Viseart’s Dark Mattes Eye Shadow Palette—a staple in Hollywood makeup artists’ kits—designed for quick and easy eye looks. Featuring opulent purples, rich browns, and gilded greens, the Dark EDIT Palette draws inspiration from baroque decor, luxurious velvets, and the regal hues found in the Dark Mattes, Grande Pro 2, Absinthe, and Siren palettes.

About the Shades
  • Toffee: taupe with a matte finish
  • Sienna: muted burgundy with a matte finish
  • Sepia: caramelized brick with a matte finish
  • Persimmon: persimmon with a matte finish
  • Olive: olive green with a matte finish
  • Beaujolais: muted plum with a matte finish
  • Lavender: electric violet with a matte finish
  • Fôret: navy peacock with a matte finish
  • Absinthe: emerald with a shimmer finish
  • Calypso: iced orchid with a metallic finish
  • Burnished Copper: terracotta with a metallic finish
  • Bullion: gold lacquer with a metallic finish


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