Violet Voss Drenched Metal Eyeshadow Palette





Violet Voss Drenched Metal Eyeshadow Palette / Lidschatten Palette

Garantiert 100% original!

A collection of highly pigmented eyeshadows that are housed within a mirrored palette. Drenched Metal Eyeshadow Palette features nineteen metallic hues and one matte nude base colour that can be used to create an array of dimensional styles and looks. The blendable consistency works smoothly over the skin and boasts longevity without fading or becoming heavy.

Palette Contains:

  • Poppin – Cool rose pink.

  • Kisses – Muted champagne pink.

  • Confession – Muted coral.

  • Crushed It – Golden chocolate.

  • Secret – Matte creamy coffee.

  • I’m So Fancy – Rich turquoise.

  • Mermaid Vixen – Aquatic green.

  • Grunge – Bronzed coffee.

  • Minx – Ancient bronze.

  • Squad Goals – Caramel.

  • Frisky – Dark navy.

  • Dark Desires – Regal purple.

  • Slaycation – Dark brown with forest green tones.

  • Come Thru – Sandy gold with neutral undertones.

  • Livin – Dusty bronze.

  • Shade – Metallic silver with brown undertones.

  • Bliss – Egyptian cool gold.

  • Huntress – Rich coffee with bronze undertones.

  • Forbidden – Muted burgundy with rose pink tones.

  • Midnight Tryst – True jet black.


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