UNITS 5 Piece 200 Series Eye Set





Units 5 Piece 200 Series Eye Set

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Perfect your eye makeup with this sleek, travel-friendly brush set from UNITS. Featuring velvety-soft synthetic bristles, these cruelty-free eye brushes glide over your most delicate skin without scratching, pulling, or overblending. Each brush in the five-piece set is designed to help you master an essential application technique, from smoking out eyeliner to blending eye shadow to a seamless, smoky finish.

What’s Included
UNIT 201 Detail Brush: small detail brush for shading, blending eyeliner, and applying pigment to the corners of the eyes
UNIT 202 Flat Shader Brush: flat eye shadow brush for applying powder and cream shadows all over the eyelid
UNIT 203 Crease Contour Brush: blending brush with the perfect density to blend, shade, and contour the crease
UNIT 204 Large Flat Shader Brush: flat shader brush with an elongated shape for applying base color to the lid
UNIT 205 Large Crease Contour Brush: large blending brush with light, fluffy bristles for finishing your eye look
Why It’s Special
Cashmere-soft vegan bristles mimic the quality and texture of natural hair used in Japanese fude brushes
The matte white cedarwood handle and demi-matte aluminum ferrule offer durability with a chic, minimalist look
The set includes a black canvas pouch with magnetic closure for storage and transportation—it’s the brush set for travel

Other Details
Set of 5


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