Too Faced Holiday Under The Kissletoe The Ultimate Liquified Lipstick Set

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Too Faced Holiday Under The Kissletoe The Ultimate Liquified Lipstick Set

100% Original Authentic Guaranteed!!


Melt your heart out with a clutch-size collection of Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipsticks in our bestselling Melted, Melted Matte, Melted Chocolate, and Melted Latex shades. Our innovative formula comfortably coats lips in bursts of intense, high-impact, saturated color that lasts for hours. Lipstick shades include Deluxe Sizes of our best-selling Hopeless Romantic in Melted Latex, Drop Dead Red in Melted Matte, Melted Chihuahua & Melted Chocolate Honey.

It all started when Jerrod was at the lab and saw lipstick being made in it’s most natural form. Since then, we’ve gone on to create the most magical Melted lipsticks and nowe we’ve created a clutchworthy collection that make the perfect gift for your friends or yourself during the Christmas season.

More To Love:

  • Four different finishes for a variety of Melted lip looks
  • Inspired by the intense, glossy form of liquid lipstick in cosmetic lab vats
  • Intense, high-impact, saturated color in a long-wear formula
  • Angled applicators allows for precise application (No brush or liner needed!)



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