Sephora x Amour Pacific Botanical Beauties Set





Sephora x Amour Pacific Botanical Beauties Set

Garantiert 100% original !!


Set Includes:

Treatment Cleansing Oil Face & Eyes ▸ A cleansing oil for the face and eyes that dissolves impurities and makeup with a blend of botanical oils.
Treatment Cleansing Foam ▸ A cleansing formula infused with vitamin E that works to address and help prevent breakouts.
Treatment Enzyme Peel ▸ A bestselling daily exfoliant that removes dead skin cells for a more even, radiant skin tone. MOISTURE BOUND Refreshing
Hydra-Gel Oil-Free ▸ A light moisturizer infused with bamboo sap and ginger to improve moisture and refresh skin. MOISTURE BOUND Rejuvenating
Eye Treatment Gel ▸ A fast-absorbing gel to cream formula that provides rich hydration to the delicate eye area.


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