Sephora PRO Editorial 2.0 Shadow Palette


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Sephora PRO Editorial Shadow 2.0 Palette 

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A deluxe eyeshadow palette with 28 high-pigment, rebellious, on-trend shades in gorgeous textures including satin, matte, metallic, and chrome finishes.

What it does:
Become entranced by these dreamy high fashion shades. The Sephora PRO Editoiral 2.0 Pigment Palette can be used to create soft, ethereal looks as well as photoshoot-ready makeup. These electric and vibrant hues are perfect for spellbinding looks. All the versatile and highly saturated color you need can be found in this one luxurious palette.

This palette contains:
– 28 x 1.13 g Eye shadows in Enchant, Potion, Antique Rose, Feather, Wizard, Cloak, Talisman, Mystic, Magic, Synergy, Chant, Spellbound, Brick, Blood Moon, Fire, Wish, Sense, Omen, Sage, Tance, Coven, Psychic, Illusion, Faerie, Pegasus, Charm, Atlantis, Alchemy


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