Petitfee Resurrection Plant Soothing Gel Beauty Mask


100% Original Authentic Guaranteed!!



Petitfee Resurrection Plant Soothing Gel Beauty Mask

Guaranteed 100% Original !!


Product description

Resurrection plant in the jelly mask has a high vitality which keeps inner skin moist.

Rich in naturally-derived extracts from berry complex, resurrection plant and trehalose, this sheet mask replenishes dry skinโ€™s moisture and provides a hydrating barrier for long-lasting effects. Its gel-like essence is skin-friendly and soothes irritated skin.
  • No.2
  • Ultra Moisturizing
  • Brightening
  • True Rose of Jericho

Eucalyptus Tencel Sheet

A transparent sheet with a smooth natural fiber extract from eucalyptus wood structures.

Berry Mix Complex

Blueberry, raspberry, goji berry, acai : 4 kinds of berry extracts with brightening treatment.

True Rose of Jericho (Resurrection Plant) Extracted

Enhances the moisture retention of the skin and helps prevent moisture loss.

*True Rose of Jericho: Rolls and wanders in the desert but is revived with a drop of water.


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