Patchology MoodPatch Keep Smiling Lips Gels Patches





Patchology MoodPatch Keep Smiling Lips Gels Patches

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Lock in all the moisture, banish dryness, and soothe irritation, ASAP. Made with soothers like calming Sweet Violet and Lavender Petal Tea (so romantic, right?) plus nourishing Coconut Extract, these gel patches take your lips from parched to soft, full and pretty in no time. Find a peaceful place, smooth on the cooling gel patch, chill out while you let it do its thing, then obsess over your lush, totally kissable mouth. Pssst: We like to use one before applying lipstick to create a smooth, pillow-y base.


Just like your skin, your lips need some love—and we’re not talking about k-i-s-s-i-n-g. Shower them with the attention they deserve with this super hydrating, tea-infused aromatherapy lip mask. Pop one on, let the delicious Sweet Violet scent transport you for 10 minutes, and you’ll have silky, supple lips. (So you can basically break up with your lip balm.)


The moodpatch™ Keep Smiling Lip Gels include a charming combo of Sweet Violet aromatherapy plus conditioning Coconut Extract, destined for your lips. Soak in the heavenly scent, marvel at your velvety soft pout, and inevitably… fall in love.


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