No Mo-Stache No Mo-Unibrow Brow Wax Kit – 24 Pieces





No Mo-Stache No Mo-Unibrow Brow Wax Kit – 24 Pieces Include Tweezers & Post-Wax Aloe Cream

100% Original Authentic Guaranteed!!


If your eyebrows have started to meet in the middle, or regrowth is getting you down then your prayers have been answered – step forward: No Mo-Unibrow, a quick and convenient home-waxing kit to eliminate strays.

With 20 individual wax strips to eliminate unwanted rogue hairs, this portable tin can be stashed in your bag – ready to spring into action at any inopportune moment. Great when you realise you’re doing best Friday Kahlo impression (how did that happen?), these quick and convenient strips grip the hair – even fine or short stragglers – to whip them right out at the roots and ensure you’re left feeling invincible (buh-bye unibrow). Complete with a pair of adorable tweezers and sachet of Post-Wax Aloe Cream to soothe any redness and calm irritation, this kit will transform hair removal, for good.


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