Natasha Denona Tropic Palette





Natasha Denona Tropic Palette

Garantiert 100% original! 


Tropical pop colors complimented with light and medium pastels for creating a large variety of looks. Each vertical

row creates a whole eye makeup look. The top and center rows are pastels, medium, and nude

shades that are to be applied on the eyelids and crease, while the bottom row contains colorful, tropical and exotic

shades that are to be applied on the top and lower lash line.

The constellation of the colors is highly appealing and modern and inspires users to create endless looks as far as their imagination leads them, from soft and natural to the most colorful, vibrant and bold.


Shade Description:

Peach Puff 160CM- Creamy Matte         Nudist 165CM- Creamy Matte                        Mint Frost 170S- Sheer

Sangria 161CM- Creamy Matte               Vintage Taupe 166CM- Creamy Matte          Exotic 171M- Metallic

Fake Tan 162CM- Creamy Matte             Pastel Melon 167 CM – Creamy Matte           Laguna 172CM – Creamy Matte

Coco 163CM- Creamy Matte                  Gusti 168S – Sheer                                            Tiger Lily 173M- Metallic

Sahara 164CM- Creamy Matte                Limoncello 169DC – Duo Chrome                   Zena 174CM- Creamy Matte

CP- Richly pigmented wet powder formula that is easy to blend.

CM- ND’s Signature matte formula is creamy to the touch and seamlessly blends on the lid.

CK- Sparkling cream powder finely milled pearls and crystals for a dazzling diamond-like sparkle effect. Sheer finish. Can be used as

a topper.

M-metallics in multiple textures:

  • Foiled rich in texture
  • Satin-soft finish metallic
  • Sparkling-contains varying sizes of crushed mineral pearls for a dazzling effect.

DC- Duo chrome- shade shifting pearls with a metallic finish.



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