Natasha Denona Sunset Shadow Palette





Natasha Denona Sunset Shadow Palette

Garantiert 100% original & Limited Edition!


About Natasha Denona Sunset Palette

Paint your eyes with the rich, warm hues of a breathtaking summer sunset. 15 never-before-seen shades, in Natasha’s signature eyeshadow formula and unique finishes, come together to create a limited edition palette worthy of nature’s greatest splendor.

About the Shades
  • Atmosphere 120M: Rose bronze with a Metallic finish
  • Sinai 121CM: Burnt terracotta with a Creamy Matte finish
  • Ice Gold 122K: Sheer golden cream with a Chroma Crystal finish
  • Mandarine 123DC: Golden mandarin with a Duo-Chrome finish
  • Bronzage 124K: Light copper with a Chroma Crystal finish
  • Vulcano 125CM: Deep mauve brown with a Creamy Matte finish
  • Aubade 126K: Warm gold with a Chroma Crystal finish
  • Horizon 127CM: Warm orange with a Creamy Matte finish
  • Sundazed 128K: True gold with a Chroma Crystal finish
  • Terra 129CM: Mahogany with a Creamy Matte finish
  • Bermuda 130CM: Pale peach nude with a Creamy Matte finish
  • Morgana 131DC: Golden coral with a Duo-Chrome finish
  • Panjin 132CM: Deep red with a Creamy Matte finish
  • Igneous 133CM: Dark brown with a Creamy Matte finish
  • Sol 134CM: Warm yellow with a Creamy Matte finish
Why It’s Special
    • Sweep on Natasha’s signature ultra-blendable, pigment-packed eyeshadow formula with the opacity of a cream and the silky feel of a powder.
    • Super-saturated pigments deliver an intense color payoff that stays vibrant from pan to the skin. No fading, creasing, or smudging—even without primer.
    • Experience multidimensional, star-like shimmer with the Chroma Crystal finish, reformulated for brilliant sparkle with less fallout.
    • Create unique looks with 15 exclusive shades you won’t find anywhere else. Mix, match, and layer to your heart’s content—these shadows play together nicely for can’t-miss combinations.
How to Use

Mix, match, and blend colors to create glamorous looks that transition from day to night.

Other Details
  • Size: 15 x 2.5 g
  • Limited Edition
  • Paraben-Free
  • Cruelty-Free


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