NABLA Cosmetics Secret Palette



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NABLA Cosmetics Secret Palette

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The Secret Palette is a treasure chest of wonders, enclosing in itself the real magic and mystery of glam, for the most magnetic, sophisticated and daring looks.

Elegantly compact, the packaging is adorned with an hypnotic and texturised pattern, where pop and dainty golden patches, multidimensional embossed flowers and little metallic jade drops enhance the preciousness of the decoration.

Inside, along with the beloved formulas Super Matte, Fluid Metal, Crystal and Satin, two brand new textures are presented for the first time: Diamond, specifically created to intensify duochrome and crystalline finishes, and Velvet, whose formulation is able to give extreme depth to dark and intense shades.

The 15 shades:
Aesthetic: hazel-taupe. Satin.
Contigo: mid tone rosy-beige. Super Matte.
Big Experience: crimson red with duochrome fuchsia and orange electric shimmer. Fluid Metal.
Giulietta: mid tone pastel pink. Super Matte.
Romeo: brown with pink undertone and copper-red shimmer. Satin.
Play Hard: aqua green duochrome with lime and jade reflects. Crystal.
Rosemary: forest green with duochrome emerald and teal shimmer. Fluid Metal.
Addiction: deep sea green. Super Matte.
Fantasize: denim with duochrome warm gold and scarlet red reflects. Diamond.
Mea Culpa: deep warm brown. Super Matte.
I Promise: light pink champagne. Satin.
Hypersensual: triochrome with apricot, amber e orchid reflects. Diamond.
Ghibli: salted caramel. Super Matte.
Creation Crown: deep baroque gold. Fluid Metal.
Nablack: deep black. Velvet.

• Cruelty Free & Vegan.
• External dimensions: 16 cm x 11 cm x 1.2 cm
• Wide high quality mirror: 13 cm x 7.6 cm.
• Magnetic closure.


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