NABLA Cosmetics Dreamy Palette





NABLA Cosmetics Dreamy Palette

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The Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette is the perfect balance between Fantasy, Elegance and Practicality.

On the outside, the compact and polished packaging is adorned with moons, stars and with a bronze gold hot stamped plate engraved with the name of this Dream.

On the inside, 12 brand new extremely pigmented shades, in 3 different textures: from the well loved Super Matte, to the very new Fluid Metal and Just Pearl. Every shade is incredibly buttery, easy to blend and at the same time it perfectly adheres to the skin.

The Dreamy was born to satisfy both the softest and the most dramatic looks and to express every hue of your emotions…

The 12 shades:
Immaculate: White duochrome highlight with gold reflects. Fluid Metal.
Illusion: Light-medium neutral brown. Super Matte.
Vanitas: Peachy-pink duochrome with golden reflects. Fluid Metal.
Delirium: Burnt purple-brown with fuchsia, blue and purple micro-sparkles. Just Pearl.
Byzantine: Intense warm pure gold. Fluid Metal.
Sistina: Medium rose sienna. Super Matte.
Metal Cupid: Strawberry bronze. Fluid Metal.
Inception: Mauve duochrome with chestnut base and bright lilac reflects. Fluid Metal.
Señorita: Intense cool-toned red. Super Matte.
Rose Gold: Rose gold. Fluid Metal.
Lullaby: Medium mauve. Super Matte.
Dogma: Intense dark brown. Super Matte.

• External dimensions: 13,5 cm x 11 cm x 1,5 cm.
• Wide high quality mirror: 10,5 cm x 8 cm.
• Magnetic closure.
• Dermatologically tested.
• Formulated to minimize allergy risks.


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