Morphe X James Charles Shadow Palette





Morphe The James Charles Brush Set

Garantiert 100% original! 


Unleash Your Inner Artist
When James Charles says you can create anything, he means it. For. Real. The color never ends with this full spectrum of 39 dialed-up, deeply pigmented shades. With four rows of stunning color combos and one a row of super-sized shades, you’ll be ready to take on any look you can dream up. So go on and go for it. And don’t hold back.
(Finish: matte, metallic, and shimmer)

ROW 1:

  • Canvas (matte cream)
  • Ringlight (shimmer pearl)
  • So Good (metallic true gold)
  • 518 (matte neon orange)
  • Rusted (matte chili orange)
  • Halloween (metallic copper)
  • Wig (metallic warm brass)
  • Tea (matte dark taupe)

ROW 2:

  • Punch Me (matte latte)
  • Sister (shimmer rose gold)
  • Mary (matte dusty rose)
  • Literally (shimmer flamingo pink)
  • You’re Kidding (matte red)
  • Shook (metallic cranberry)
  • Boutique (matte maroon)
  • Benny (matte black coffee)

ROW 3:

  • Flashback (matte true white)
  • Face (shimmer champagne highlight)
  • Tune (matte light peach)
  • Code James (matte sunset orange)
  • 10% Off (matte burnt orange)
  • No Beans (matte warm brown)
  • Spooky (matte true black)

ROW 4:

  • Bee (matte bright yellow)
  • Guac (metallic avocado green)
  • Hello (shimmer blue ice)
  • Playground (matte neon blue)
  • Brother (matte true blue)
  • Artistry (metallic amethyst purple)
  • Love That (matte magenta)
  • Pinkity Drinkity (matte baby pink)

ROW 5:

  • Social Blade (matte lime green)
  • Daddy (matte forest green)
  • Cape Cod (metallic sea foam blue)
  • Cola (matte royal blue)
  • A Cappella (metallic navy blue)
  • Escape (matte plum purple)
  • Single (matte orchid purple)
  • Skip (matte neon pink)


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