Morphe Vacay Mode 12 Piece Brush Set + Case



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Morphe Vacay Mode 12 Piece Brush Set + Case

100% Original Authentic Guaranteed!!


Morphe Vacay Mode 12 Piece Brush Set + Case has 12 essential brushes for face & eyes and tubby brush case. Get swept away with this go-anywhere, travel-friendly collection.Why you need it:
Morphe Vacay Mode 12 Piece Brush Set + Case is a collection of seriously soft natural and synthetic makeup brushes for face and eyes. This brush set comes  housed in a sleek, small tubby brush case, so you have everything you need to take your glam with you and get your makeup on point wherever you go.

Brushes included:
Powder Brush (Natural): Cover a lot of ground with powder’s new bestie (and don’t worry—pressed and loose are both okay).

Blush Brush (Natural): Put some colour in those cheeks for a flush that will leave them staring.

Flat Foundation Brush (Synthetic): Streak-free coverage, flawless finish, and bristles that make sure every last drop of product gets used? Check, check, and check.

Angled Shadow Brush (Natural): The ultimate go-to for defined shadow looks and sharp contrast.

Flat Shadow Brush (Natural): Pack on the pigment and go back for more with this classic flat brush.

Blender Brush (Natural): From buffing out shadow to layering on highlight, this blender brush can handle it all.

Chubby Shadow Brush (Natural): Pack, buff, blend, repeat with this gotta-have-it, versatile shadow brush.

Blender Fluff Brush (Natural): The hunt for effortlessly diffused shadow and expertly blended lewks is officially over with this fluffy little miracle.

Concealer Brush (Natural): No filter needed—this tiny brush packs enough power to cover up every last imperfection.

Detail Shadow Fluff Brush (Natural): Bust out this brush for precision work, from cut creases to inner corners and everything in between.

Lip Brush (Synthetic): Pucker up, paint it on, and don’t worry about colouring outside the lines.

Angle Liner Brush (Synthetic): Walk those fine lines with a detail-oriented brush that’s made for bold strokes.

Small Tubby Brush Case


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