Morphe Holiday 35XO Natural Flirt Artistry Palette


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Morphe Holiday 35XO Natural Flirt Artistry Palette

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Show off that flirty side all season long with this playful palette. Shimmering nudes mix and mingle with blushing berries for a glam good time. So, come a little closer and don’t be shy. Take full advantage of these sultry shades and show everyone that less can truly mean more.
(ROW 1) Single Life, Across the Room, Come Here Often, Your Move, Hair Flip, Get the Digits, Eye Contact
(ROW 2) U Up?, Message Read, Major Seduction, Touchy Feely, Hard to Get, Body Language, Just Friends
(ROW 3) Met Online, Matchmaker, Double Tap, The Chase, Talk Feelings, Too Swoon, Slay the Field
(ROW 4) Charmer, Dating History, Kiss Me, Crushin’ Hard, Second Date, Show Some Skin, Let’s Snuggle
(ROW 5) Love Story, Over the Moon, Meet the Rents, Happy Ever After, Plus One, With this Bling, Make It Official


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