Morphe 35I Icy Fantasy Artistry Palette


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Morphe 35I Icy Fantasy Artistry Palette

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  • White Out/ matte bright white
  • Snow Glow/ shimmering pale gold
  • Wishful/ matte lemon yellow
  • Flash Freeze/ iridescent icy green
  • Secret Escape/ matte blushing pink
  • So Surreal/ iridescent icy pink
  • Spellbinding /shimmering purple lilac

ROW 2:

  • Brrr-illiant/ ice white silk slip topper
  • Euphoria/ celestial blue silk slip topper
  • Echo/ matte avocado green
  • Thaw Yeah/ shimmering mint green
  • Chill Thrill/ matte mint blue
  • Into the Blue/ matte sky blue
  • Dreamer/ matte vivid lavender

ROW 3:

  • Get Fresh/ matte apricot cream with sparkle
  • Coral Cloud/ matte coral
  • Soar/ shimmering pink coral
  • Dazed/ shimmering green apple
  • Cold Snap/ shimmering steel blue
  • Below Zero/ matte stone gray
  • Deliver Shiver/ matte dusty violet

ROW 4:

  • Imagine/ shimmering blush
  • Rosy Haze/ rose pink silk slip topper
  • Sky High/ matte bubblegum pink
  • Mystical/ holographic green silk slip topper
  • Starlit/ smoky gold silk slip topper
  • Arctic Abyss/ matte storm gray
  • Holothermia/ shimmering electric purple

ROW 5:

  • Hush/ matte taupe
  • Fierce Flurry/ shimmering champagne
  • Avalanche/ shimmering dusty mauve
  • Cosmic Cool/ shimmering silvered purple
  • Frostbright/ silver glitter
  • Black Ice/ shimmering blue gunmetal
  • Charmed/ shimmering dark chocolate

*Limited edition packaging


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