Morphe 35H Hot Spot Artistry Palette



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Morphe 35H Hot Spot Artistry Palette

Garantiert 100% original & Limited Edition!


Hot days lead to even hotter nights with the sensual palette of Artistry Hot Spot 35H by Morphe, which is the best Scene stealer The burning corals collide with the vivid waters to achieve a creamy mix that will take you from sunlight to the spotlights in the blink of an eye.
Row 1: Cool Off (shimmering blue sky), Ripple Effect (shimmering morning mist), Alone Time (shimmering ice pewter), Siesta (matte cream), Stilettos (shimmering golden apricot), Babes‘ Night Out (matte blushing coral), South Beach (shimmering peach fuzz)Row 2: Slay Day (shimmering green-gold), Pool Floatie (shimmering chilled turquoise), Ocean Drive (matte turquoise), Shady Behavior (matte biscotti), Strobe Light (frosted pink shimmer), Flaunt (shimmering coral pink), Coral Divin ‚(matte pink tangerine)

Row 3: Papi (shimmering saucy gold), Reflection (shimmering stormy sea), Singled Out (shimmering sapphire), Caffeine Buzz (matte toasted cinnamon), Firestarter (hot coral sheen), Heat Up (matte hot habanero), Spotted (matte spice ginger)

Row 4: Sandals (shimmering stainless steel), Beachfront (shimmering icy blue), Real Deal (matte deep jade), Outfit Change (shimmering copper), Alter Ego (shimmering rose), Mami (shimmering burgundy), Off the Grid (matte mochaccino)

Row 5: Yacht Spot (shimmering smoky blue), Wavemaker (matte deep sea), Chillax (shimmering smoke), Rally Time (matte french toast with sparkle), Silent Disco (shimmering bronze), Party On (matte garnet), Awe Night Long (matte charcoal)


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