Kylie Holiday Edition Crème Shadow “Yellow Gold”





Kylie Holiday Edition by Kylie Jenner – Crème Shadow “Yellow Gold” / Lidschatten / Fard à Paupières Palette

Garantiert 100% original! SOLD OUT!

Yellow Gold | Crème Shadow

Contains: 1 Crème Gel Shadow (0.18 fl oz./ 5.00 grams)

The #KylieCosmetics Crème Shadow is perfect way to add a pop of metal and create the perfect ‘Kylie eye.’ The Yellow Gold Crème Shadow was created as a part of the Limited Edition Holiday Collection. This special shade is infused with diamond powder and packaged in limited edition silver packaging for the holiday season.  Yellow Gold is a bright gold with yellow undertones.

Crème Shadow meets metallic. The Yellow Gold Crème Shadow provides a beautiful metallic finish in an ultra-long wearing formula.


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