Kylie Metal Liquid Lipstick “Dancer”





Kylie Holiday by Kylie Jenner | Dancer Metal Liquid Lipstick / Lippenstift / Rouge à lèvres Liquid

Garantiert 100% original!


Dancer | Metal

Contains: 1 Metal Lipstick 3.00ml

Kylie created the #KylieCosmetics Metal Lipstick as another secret weapon to help you create the perfect ‘Kylie Lip.’ This special shade is infused with diamond powder and packaged in limited edition silver packaging for the holiday season. Dancer is a shimmering ruby wine.

Liquid lipstick meets metallic. The Metal Lipstick provides bold metallic lips with a creamy feel and rich mousey texture. While this is a long wearing formula, it does not ever dry down on your lips, lips remain moisturized and comfortable with a shimmering metallic finish. For an ultra-dramatic look, layer Dancer over the top of your favorite matte lipstick.



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