Kylie Cosmetics Matte Lip Kit “Ulta Beauty”





Kylie Cosmetics Matte Lip Kit “Ulta Beauty”

Garantiert 100% original!


Color: Ulta Beauty (warm rosy mauve)


The KYLIE COSMETICS Ulta Beauty Matte Lip Kit is your secret weapon to create the perfect ‘Kylie lip.’ Each Lip Kit comes with a Matte Liquid Lipstick and matching Lip Liner.

Lip Liner:
The ultra-long wearing Lip Liner has a creamy texture that glides across the lips for a very easy and comfortable application. The Lip Liner sharpens easily in most standard sized sharpeners – just make sure your sharpener is not dull!

Matte Liquid Lipstick:
The Matte Liquid Lipstick has high intensity pigment for an instant bold matte lip. The extremely long wearing lipstick contains moisturizing ingredients for a comfortable, emollient and silky feel that does not dry out your lips.

KYLIE COSMETICS is cruelty-free. All Lip Kits are vegan.

Ulta Beauty Matte Lip Kit includes:

  • Ulta Beauty Lip Liner
  • Ulta Beauty Matte Liquid Lipstick




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