Kat Von D Vegan Beauty #75 Powder Brow Brush





Kat Von D Vegan Beauty #75 Powder Brow Brush

100% Original Authentic Guaranteed!


A high-performance synthetic brow brush designed for Brow Struck Dimension Powder with an exclusive combed design that deposits and blends as it grooms.

What it does:

Designed for high-pigment brow powders, #75 Powder Brow Brush features high-quality synthetic bristles expertly cut to pick up and blend out high-pigment brow powders with an artist’s ease and precision. The magic lies in the distinctive combed shape, expertly cut to look and perform unlike any brow brush you’ve ever seen. As you’re filling and shaping, this do-it-all tool is grooming your real hair and depositing product in realistic hair-like strokes for insanely natural looking brows. This innovative angled brush was created to perfectly apply Brow Struck Dimension Powder.



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