Juvia’s Place The Wahala 2 Palette





Juvia’s Place The Wahala 2 Palette

♥ Garantiert 100% original!! 


An all-new Limited Edition 20-pan eyeshadow palette combining duo chromes, soft pearl shades, creamy mattes and glitters.


Row 1 – The Ice Cold Row.

  • Fame – An Iridescent white shimmer with gold pearls
  • Greed- A greyish silver shimmer with soft white pearls
  • Shakara – A white pearl finish
  • Gobe- A finely milled silver glitter

Row 2 – The Periwinkle Row

  • Nawa Oh! – A purple shimmer with blue and lavender reflects
  • Wicked- A Pigmented Matte Cerulean Blue
  • Amebo- A mix of blue and purple duo chrome shade with purple reflects
  • Fury- A rich matte blue
  • Rage – A lavender and purple reflect.

Row 3- The Cobalt Blue Family 

  • Dream – A Cobalt Matte Blue
  • Goals- An Aqua Marine Glitter Shade
  • Dope- A reflective Blue shimmer with light blue Reflects
  • Bold- A Classic Blue Shimmery Shade
  • Money- A Blue Duo Chrome with Green Pearls

Row 4 – The Aqua Marine Family

  • Egba Mi – A Dark Blue Green Matte Shade
  • Venom- An Aqua Blue Breezy Green Shimmer Shade
  • Lust- An Aqua Matte Shade
  • Hater- A Turquoise Blue Shimmer mixed with Light Green Shimmer
  • Jealous- A Rich Turquoise Matte Blue

Row 5- The Orange Color Family 

  • Wasted – A Matte Orange Shade
  • 419- A Finely Milled Red Orange Glitter
  • Lit- A beautiful Matte burnt coral nude shade
  • Periodt- A shimmery Orange bronze shade
  • ASAP- A Rich Wine Matte Shade

 Row 6- The Pink Shimmer and Shine Row

  •  Fake – A Royal Purple and Maroon Duo Chrome
  • Too Much- A Matte Pink shade
  • Kolo- A finely milled purple glitter shade
  • Yab -A nude rosy Pink Matte Shade
  • Oya- A matte Black with purple pearls


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