Huda Beauty Contour and Strobe Lip Set „Silverfox & Enchanting“





Huda Beauty Contour and Strobe Lip Set „Silverfox & Enchanting“

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What’s better than Huda Beauty’s seriously sought-after lip products? All of them combined in one stunning, lip-perfecting kit, of course! Featuring a full size version of Huda’s multi-tasking liner-meets-lipstick, plus two of the brand’s furore-inducing liquid lacquers – velvety Liquid Matte and super-strobing Lip Strobe – the Contour and Strobe Lip Set lets you create all kinds of looks. The long-wearing matte cloaks lips in a veil of conditioning colour, while the strobing gloss combines glistening glitter and duo chrome pigments for enviable gleam. Available in four shade options, the sets unite trusted trios that complement each other perfectly:

‘Break the rules with this concrete-toned Liquid Matte shade topped with the white pink tones of Enchanting for an über-cool, sophisticated edge.


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