Grace & Stella 4 In 1 Spin Brush





Grace & Stella 4 In 1 Spin Brush

♥ Garantiert 100% original!! ♥


If you’re looking for a deep clean that will effectively lift dirt out of clogged pores and leave your skin glowing, you’ve come to the right place.

Instantly slough away dead skin and remove stubborn makeup – it’s a tool that quickly gets rid of all the dirt and makeup that’s been sitting on your face allll day long. With 4 different types of brush heads, our spin brush is ready for anything life can possibly throw at you. First and foremost, our brush includes two soft bristle brush heads for unclogging pores and ridding your complexion of impurities. Then, for even more radiant skin, we included a massage ball head and a silicone head to massage, stimulate blood flow, and promote lymphatic drainage in the face. Creating feel-good moments through exceptional beauty products is what we’re all about – we make self-care simple and fun. It’s waterproof, rechargeable, and oh-so-cleansing.

An all-in-one cleansing tool, because you deserve it all.


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