Glossier The Emily Weiss Set – Boy Brow (Black)





Glossier The Emily Weiss Set – Boy Brow (Black)

100% Original Authentic Guaranteed!


What Emily’s using and thinks you should, too

What it is: A dream cleanser, breakthrough skin finisher (for a dewy glow that lasts), our bestselling brow grooming pomade, and the perfect mascara

  • Milky Jelly Cleanser: “The holy grail cleanser I always wished I’d had. We developed this to leave your skin super soft, not stripped, no residue. Crazy addictive texture. I recommend mini for travel and full size for at-home.”
  • Futuredew: “We launched this a couple of months ago and are hearing it’s totally changed the game for people in terms of skincare. People are using it in so many unique ways; I use two pumps on a just-washed face as a moisturizer.”
  • Boy Brow: (Black) “If you haven’t tried this, now’s the time. Often imitated, never replicated—we’ve sold 2 million of these bad boys.” Emily uses clear; you get to pick your shade.
  • Lash Slick: “Best mascara ever. We did over two hundred iterations before we nailed the perfect baby-boy-lash effect. Gives me long, sleek, shiny lashes—without flaking or smudging. Unless it comes into contact with Futuredew—don’t do that.”


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