Fenty Beauty Lil Bronze Duo Mini Bronzer Set – Tan





Fenty Beauty Lil Bronze Duo Mini Bronzer Set „Tan – Deep“

Garantiert 100% original & Limited Edition


COLOR: Caramel Cutie & Sinamon – neutral tone for tan to deep skin / cinnamon bronze

The Fenty Beauty Lil’ Bronze Duo comes in two shades of bronzer and the same shade of Matchstix, Sinamon! I got the set with Caramel Cutie, which is the darker shade. I’m surprised they came out with a mini kit not too long after the bronzers came out.

The bronzer looks just like a mini version of the full size! It’s super cute and looks v sleek. There’s also a mirror inside and it’s not too small either!

Caramel Cutie is described as a neutral bronzer for tan/deep skin tones and I think it’s a really nice shade! It’s also matte, which I prefer over shimmery bronzers. It’s a really soft powder with a little bit of fallout, and a little goes a long way! Blending was also good and this is a little darker than the typical bronzers I use, but honestly it looks the same on the skin lol.


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