Colourpop “Just Peachy” Lip Bundle



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Colourpop “Just Peachy” Lip Bundle

100% Original Authentic Guaranteed


ULTRA MATTE Make sure your lips are bare, dry, and exfoliated for the smoothest finish. Apply a matching lip pencil for a precise and perfected application. Next, apply Ultra Matte Lip with the applicator or your favorite lip brush. We suggest storing these babies upright and shaking before application!

ULTRA SATIN Start by prepping the lips with Lippie Primer to moisturize and improve the lips texture. This will provide a smooth surface so that your Ultra Satin Lip goes on smoothly and lasts all day! Next, line with Lippie Pencil to perfect the lip line and fill lips in with Ultra Satin Lip.

Instigator: Ultra Matte Lip; muted peach

Screenshot: Ultra Satin Lip; deepened peach

Speed Dial: Ultra Matte Lip; rich peach



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