Colourpop Lippie Stix Matte X / Lippentift “She Bad”


She know she bad in this light beige nude in a Matte X finish. 

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Colourpop Lippie Stix Matte X / Lippenstift / Rouge à lèvres “She Bad”

Garantiert 100% original! NEW HIT! ~ mit Box

Farbe: She Bad (She know she bad in this light beige nude in a Matte X finish.)

Finish: Matte X

Inhalt: 3,2g (Full Size)

Matte X Lippie Stix was created to provide high intensity full coverage pigment with one stroke application. This long wearing formula has the smoothest, most velvety glide without any uncomfortable dragging or pulling- it literally melts onto your lips…. With a SUPER matte finish!!! It’s so sexy; we had to give it an X rating! It contains a super special silky powder that gives the lipstick a light weight feel, flexibility on the lips, prevents cracking and drying out. Lips stay looking fresh and vibrant all day! This formula is the MOST matte of any of our Lippie Stix babies! Like our other lippies, it contains Vitamin E, Shea and Avocado Butter (And NO Parabens!)

We’ve made it easy for you – every Lippie Stix has a matching Lippie Pencil that was designed to match its partner perfectly. However, we’re not trying to be a bossy pants and tell you creative lovelies what to do. So, if you want to create an Ombre lip look or something, have fun mixing and matching & do your thang! Crème Finish Full coverage lipstick that leaves an ultra creamy feel and look on your lips.


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